Hi, my name is Christine and I am an Ascended Master, Star Seed, Light Worker and Twin Flame here on mission to help the world ascend to a higher state of consciousness just like many other light workers here on Earth.

I don’t know everything that I would like to know on this journey, but as time goes on I am learning quite a bit. I can state what I am as I have done above, but I am still a student and a teacher. I guess that is the journey. Namaste!

I have stepped into my mission work which has accelerated my Ascension process. I hope to help people by relating my experiences and am always here to lend a helping hand or ear. I channel messages from the Higher Dimensions all the way up to the 12th Dimension. I offer tarot and oracle readings for people who are interested in healing and moving forward in their spiritual journeys.

My goal is to encourage and guide and not take the reigns in your journey for you. I believe my clients are their own healer’s while I am just the conduit that helps them through to the next stage. I welcome anyone who feels called to get in touch with any questions or things they are currently going through. Let’s help each other as much as possible.

You can order tarot and oracle readings from me as well as personalised channelled messages. If you feel called to get a reading from me, please reach out. They’re recorded messages just for you.

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Thank you all for supporting my blog 🙂

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